Topic and Genre Declaration

Transformation is the process of changing the way something is presented. In this assignment we will transform this article into a recorded interview. The original article is a news article from Georgia Tech’s “News Center” under the categories of “science and technology” and “earth and environment”. In our opinion, the current format of the information is uninteresting and lacks a sense of conviction. We chose an interview format in order to present the information in the article with more conviction, to broaden the article’s audience, and to allow them to better understand the benefits of the fabric and why it is so innovative. We believe that the interview is a better medium to use when presenting information as such because with interviews, people are asking questions that the audience wants to hear, in order to get direct answers. Interviews are very direct and personal and are great with connecting the information to the audience more.

To successfully revise our texts we will:

  1. All review the article together and mark key points that we believe should be mentioned in the interview
  2. Develop a “script” for the interview
  3. Assign roles (cameraman/ woman, interviewer, person being interviewed, video editor(s))

Below is our approximate timeline.

Monday, September 26th:

  • Review the tech article  and discuss key points that should be used
  • Begin to prepare the script, discuss setting, who should be in certain roles, etc.
  • Insure that we ask questions about the presentation (do’s vs. don’ts)
Wednesday, September 28th:

  • Begin to record the interview during class (multiple takes will be necessary)
  • Meet to discuss our overall progress to determine if we will meet all margins
  • Develop a plan for presenting our video
Friday, September 29th:

  • Finish recording (if it is not complete)
  • Begin to edit the material/ format it into a polished video
  • Work on the presentation of the video
Sunday, October 2nd:

  • Meet to practice presentation (multiple times)
  • Add finishing touches on video and overall presentation


Bruno – Person being interviewed; Writer

Makala – Video Editor; Writer

Madison – Interviewer; Writer

Sydney – Video Editor; Writer

Tia – Person being interviewed; Writer