Website Reflection


I can truly say that I enjoyed firstly creating this website, as well as later on throughout the course updating it with material and projects. I believe that I made the website simple, yet interesting with the different nature pictures for different topics. I have organized the projects in drop-down menus, which I believe helps the viewers or visitor of my website navigate it better and find the exact part of the project that they are looking for.

Furthermore, I think that my works-in-progress page reflects and represents my progress through this course well. I updated it with all of the material that was done in class, as well as some of my process and thinking for projects.

An issue that I had with my website was the blog posts weren’t posts, but rather were being posted on a “page”. However, I believe that by them being posted one after the other, my critical thinking about each text is clearly visible; in other words, my development of thinking after each text that I describe in blog posts can be clearly seen. The form of my website also says that they are actually posts, not page, which is strange, yet works well, I think.

Altogether I believe that my website is easy to navigate through, includes all the important and interesting projects that reflect my progress through Dr. Colvin’s 1101 English at Georgia Tech.